A retard from Boston (ie Red Sox fans)
Hey Varitek, fuck you! You fucking Botard!
by a-rod August 02, 2004
A marginally intelligent human and/or Yoshi from Super Mario World 1,2...
NOOO dont fall botard!!
by jonny glock 9 & sean October 22, 2003
Twenty-first century "dumb blonde" who has become addicted to her thrice annual Botox injections, driving her slowly to the poor house. Can be recognized by the generally listless expression on her face, even in the most tense situations.
Her insistance on continuing her Botox injections made her look like a "botard" to all her friends.
by EvenStranger September 05, 2003
A redneck retard
A redneck is a bo. So a redneck retard is a botard.
by Wes March 30, 2004
A retard who wears a bow tie.

pronounced: BOH - tard
When the botard showed up for the interview, the hiring manager couldn't keep a straight face.
by CatULuv2H8 September 03, 2003
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