World of Warcraft word. adjective.

(1) good player that has the worst of luck
(2) seemlingly has all the aggro but does nothing to gain it
(3) dies unknowingly and unexpectedly while everyone laffs out loud
(plural) describes more than one

Botarded. adj.
(1) stupid wipe during an instance
(2) unsuspected wipe or death while there was no aggro

Botardation. adj.
(1) a state of being of complete incomprehensible wipes that is gonna cost a bundle in repairs with a group that has gone all wrong. Typically occurs in a PUG
The priest was a botard on that last pull, the tank had all the aggro but he was the only one to die.
by brett savage February 21, 2008
Top Definition
one who is enrolled in B.O.C.E.S.; commonly found in the lower-Hudson valley region of New York
"Poor botard. He couldn't even make it into Spring Valley High School."
by I am a botard June 09, 2004
an upstate new york replacement for retard; origin being from boces programs
You fucking botard pot does not escape your system in 24 hours
by Fishnets May 12, 2004
combination of modern online gameplaying insults - retard and bot ... retard meaning that the subject is one step up from moron, bot meaning the the subject is badly programmed, full of bugs, has artificial unintelligence of a calculator.the use is also practical way to avoid swear word filters on game servers as it is still very new.
you f***ing botard why did you ...
by madiggy May 31, 2009
Bo tard is the next level above re-tard, often involves extreme acts of stupidity, ignorance and poor judgment.
Alcohol is usually contributing factor from being re tarded to being bo tarded.
"Man did you see that kid hit him self with that baseball bat?"
"Yeah man, what a fricken bo tard"

"The troop surge in Iraq is bo tarded."
"Word, Bush is a bo tard."
by blindfaith814 April 25, 2007
A large black trashbag full of piping hot semen which is typically used in practical jokes. Occassionally, to their horror, a person might wake up inside of one.
"WTF, I'M IN A BOTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1"
by Buster T. Foodcube August 14, 2005
A combination of BOCES (Boards of Cooperative Educational Services) and retard, used as a pejorative, referring to slow pothead vocational students similar to Horatio Sanz's character Gobi on SNL.
J: Dee did you use a sharpie on the whiteboard
D: huh
J: You fucking Botard...
by larylary April 17, 2011
is a Bone headed-retard.
Walls don't move botard.
by AnnaSims November 21, 2013
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