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Small pepperoni pizza with extra cheese.
I went to the Greenland Pizza House and ordered a Bossie for dinner.
by Arbuckle April 02, 2007
Fat girl, usually three kids down, with rent to pay and no man. Sad thing.
Beth sure is on her way to being a big ol' bossie. Hope her check clears.
by Modge July 01, 2003
A unique family where each member is independently referred to as "The Boss" and is typically loud, in charge, and possibly drunk. You don't want to fuck with any member of this family for fear that they'll show you exactly who The Boss is.
Guy 1: Yo that Bossie family is crazy. I was talking some shit to The Boss's brother and he laid me the fuck out.

Guy 2: Shit bro, guess he showed you who The Boss is!
by UDBoss September 11, 2008