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a fully enlightened person who realizes drinking is the only way to achieve true happiness.
i became a boozer after years of sober induced depression.
by jimbob September 11, 2003
1) a pub;
2) someone who is constantly intoxicated
1) going to the boozer for a few drinks
2) that guy is such a boozer
by colly November 27, 2003
A place of which to purchase alcoholic beverages, more popularly known in England as the PUB or in the land of the septics... "bar"!
I'm going down the boozer to get pissed!
by Robbo February 02, 2004
A blunt cigar rolled with weed, preferably fat as hell. Usually used as a certain lingo to avoid unwanted attention when asking someone if they wanna blaze up. Also can be used in correlation with Carlos Boozer for added mysticism.
Ex 1. Who wants to go hang out with Carlos?

Ex 2. Hey dude, I think it's boozer thirty, you wanna go take care of that?
by Cheech McChong February 28, 2008
an insane dog that does love to drive people crazy and bark at any living thing that moves
boozer! get off the fuckng bed and stop barking!
by junky monkey from funky town January 17, 2010
A caveman Carlos of the Cleveland Cavaliers; used interchangeably when imitating the Frankenstien monster, or making "Crush, Kill, Destroy, Smash" noises a la Soloman Grundy
When preparing to shoot a freethrow: "Boozer, SMASH!"
by Tim February 06, 2004
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