A belly that sticks our further than your boobies do. Female equivalent to dickie do.
Look at the boobie do on that chick.
by Gerry August 04, 2004
Top Definition
When a girl's stomach sticks out more than her boobs do
Bunbun sure is a boobie do
#jessica #bunbun #hoebag #twat-waffle #cunt
by bunbunjess86 May 14, 2009
A woman who's gut sticks out farther than her breasts, thus earning her the nickname "boobie-do." i.e. her stomach sticks out farther than her boobies do.
Look at boobie-do over there. She should put down the ice cream and hit the gym.
#fat #obese #fugly #beat #heavy
by KingJust June 15, 2009
applies to females, where their belly sticks out further than their boobies do.
Queen Latifa has a boobie-do.
#boobie do #boobie-do #boob #boobs #boobies
by jacer February 10, 2006
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