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(noun.) A female with an abdomen that protrudes further than her breasts.
"Her belly sticks out further than her booby do!"
by Craney April 20, 2004
(adjective.) An event or object that can be described as "Fantastic" but is also related to Newfoundland or someone from there.
You won the drinking contest ? That's newftastic!
by Craney March 27, 2004
(adj.) Something that is reliant on, directly linked with, or has developed from, the internet.
"o rly is one of those internesque terms"

"The position is internesque only, meaning that all job functions will be performed through the internet."
by Craney October 20, 2006
(event.) Shitting in ones pants when too drunk to know the difference.


I thought to myself, "That was the best shit I've ever had", and then realized that I was standing on the corner, waiting for the taxi.
"Ever drop a johnny log"
by Craney March 27, 2004

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