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A belly that sticks out further than your penis.
You keep swilling that cheap american beer and your tool shed is going to grow into a big ass dickie do.
by sixpack February 20, 2004
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The state of a male's belly or gut hanging lower than his dick does, ergo "dickie-do."
The gentleman was so obese he had to hold up his dickie-do in order to pee in the urinal without wetting himself
by FreekinRican May 24, 2005
A dickie-do is when a man's stomach (or burlap) sticks out farther than his penis. Hense the ebonically influenced name "His stomach hang out mo' den his Dickie do".
This could mean three things:
#1. His stomach is so fat that it over whelms his dick
#2. His dick is so small that even abs of steel overwhelm his cock.

or the worst:
#3. His stomach is so fat AND his dick is so small.

Sara: Oh my gosh Natalie, that guy was soo hott!
Natalie: Uh ya, if only he didn't have a DICKIE-DO!
Sara: Damn...that sucks
by PoorBunny April 08, 2009
When your fat sticks out more than your dick.
Andy your such a dickie-do!
by xblondex0xbabyx April 24, 2004
What you call a male that is of a larger size, but with a small penis.
There goes a Dickie do. That's because his belly sticks out further than his dickie do.
by Anonymous October 02, 2003

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