A woman who's gut sticks out farther than her breasts, thus earning her the nickname "boobie-do." i.e. her stomach sticks out farther than her boobies do.
Look at boobie-do over there. She should put down the ice cream and hit the gym.
#fat #obese #fugly #beat #heavy
by KingJust June 15, 2009
Top Definition
When a girl's stomach sticks out more than her boobs do
Bunbun sure is a boobie do
#jessica #bunbun #hoebag #twat-waffle #cunt
by bunbunjess86 May 14, 2009
A belly that sticks our further than your boobies do. Female equivalent to dickie do.
Look at the boobie do on that chick.
by Gerry August 04, 2004
applies to females, where their belly sticks out further than their boobies do.
Queen Latifa has a boobie-do.
#boobie do #boobie-do #boob #boobs #boobies
by jacer February 10, 2006
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