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KFC knockoff that is at once, confoundingly, both better tasting and redneckier than KFC, Popeye's or Church's ever dreamed of being.

English: Bo-JANG-les
Spanish: Bo-HAN-glaze
High-Falutin': Bo-JEAN-glay (JEAN as in Jean-Luc Picard).
Let's go to Bo-JEAN-glay and get some buffalo bites so our farts will burn for two days.
by Deez Nuts March 04, 2005
while being at a party, the act of leaving incognito to go smoke marijuana and then shit on the next door neighbors porch, ring the doorbell, and return to the party unnoticed by both the neighbor and the party.
this is a bumpin' party. let's go bojangle!
i feel like party poopin'!
by sackface November 26, 2010
1. A person who plays lots of instruments together at once.

2. A person who gets a joint but dont pass it further to the rest of the group (excluded : the person which blows the last bit when the joint has gone forever up in smoke)
3. Someone who does nothing
4. Someone who says it will do something, but doesn't do it.
1. A bojangler was visiting the market. Boy did he look funny with all his instruments! (The song bojangle)
2. Dont bojangle - pass the joint!!
3. He bojangled when he's gotten a fine and now he will go to prison because of non-payment
4. All people bojangled the party, but now it's just the three of us!
by The bjangler September 20, 2010
verb: to smoke a blunt and take bong rips in either a) the same sitting or b) the same time- the latter of which referring to the act of placing the blunt into the bowl piece and ripping it through the bong.

bojangled, bojangeling, bojangler(s). slang: to jangle'
Marco: Do you want to hit this bong or smoke a blunt tonight?
Guzzi: Eh. We could bojangle.
Marco: Sounds good to me.

{the next day}

Marco: Dude, I don't remember anything from last night.
Guzzi: I know, me too!
Marco: Why did we bojangle!?
by heylookitsmarco4 August 18, 2009
The act of not passing a piece, blunt, bong, etc. during a smoking session, usually brought on by smoking a shit load of bud.
Pro-v: So I was just (laugh) hanging and all the sudden (giggle) the popo rolls up and...

John: Stop being such a fucking bojangle.

Dave: Ya ur fucking bojangling hard dude fucking pass it!

Pro-v: Sorry.
by SuperSam420 June 01, 2009
Usually the largest tosser in the world, or at least in their own world. Its not hard to notice them, due to their large vocabulary, but limited logic.
"OMG dude that was such a superlative act of courage, but alas, for I am o' so much greater and more mighty than you." as said by Bo jangles.
by rugger hodgens May 05, 2009
1. To be in an awful state usually after drinking

2. Also when describing a lady that is rather ugly
1. Man i was out all night and i'm in a bojangle now

2. Jesus, state of that one, she's in a bojangle
by elmo2112 April 17, 2009
To procrastinate or do something very slowly, frequently to the point of annoyance with all parties involved. Originates in Manassas Park, VA.
Tony: "Goddamn it Andrew, you bojangled so much telling us that story about railing that 16-year old that the blunt went out in your hand."

Lance: "Yeah Mr. Bojangles, get your shit together!"

Andrew: "Hold on guys I was about to talk about when she grabbed my cock..."
by junglekrait February 01, 2009