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used to describe something that is out of place or out of wack.

your hair looks all bojangled
by Dennis Shubert May 26, 2006
when your kids come by your office to get your debit card so they can go get some food from Bojangles.
I will be glad when these darn kids go back to school - I'm tired of being Bojangled to death!
by hipocketsred April 09, 2012
excessive indulgence in alcohol - to be drunk
lets buy some beer and get bojangled tonight
by QC tron September 26, 2006
when a friend or acquaintance seduces your date or girlfriend just for bragging rights or show of dominance.

also loosely used to describe the act of "cock blocking"
I was about to fuck this girl but that ass Will bojangled me!
by Batibeast February 14, 2011
When you are having sex with your girl and she reaches around to grab your balls.

When we were having sex Ashley reached around and Bojangled the man sack.
by Chaddywaddy August 18, 2008
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