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A bosnian boy who chills in pinecrest with all his beaners.
He is a total loser.
But we hang out with him cause he is sexy!
Did you see that Bojan? Yes i have to go talk to them.
by Pectus Erectus July 05, 2009
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The most awesome person in the world. He makes god proud at his awesomeness. When people look at him, they can't help but shit themselves. His penis is the size of a wild African giraffe. He shits gold. If someone were to try to cut him, they would bleed. He can kill someone just by looking at them. His body strength is equivalent to the strength of 1000 gods.
"Hey Boj-"
*shits himself"
*Bojan looks at him"
by Bojanfan September 11, 2008
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A Serbian name meaning warrior. One that has the balls of Rocky Balboa, yet a heart like Romeo. In other words, a man that doesn't give up.
"Look at that pussy"
5 seconds later...
"Wow that hurt... shouldn't have underestimated him, now I know not to fuck with Bojs"
by JacobBob April 14, 2009
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1. A male name originating from Yugoslavia meaning War.
2. A very large, stinky,and extreamly hairy European male. Resembles Chewey from Star Wars and also happens to sound much like him. His brute strength and large penis make up for his stupidity and douche tendencies.
3. A guy who has sex with mattresses.
1. "Oh look! it's Bojan, he is from Bosnia"
2. "Hi Bojaaan"
(Bojan walks over, starts grunting like a cave man and then proceeds to hump his little girlfriend)
3. "Bojan really needs to get a job at Sleep Country"
by thegoodwitch December 15, 2008
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