wack, jacked, fucked-da-fuck-up
His beat-ass car was the most Bojank ride in the lot
by Lord W February 16, 2004
To steal or take someing. usually useing extreme force. followed by lots of trash talking.
by Dion DeGennaro January 07, 2005
To be really cheap or ghetto.
Bob: What are you eating?
Bill: Fake pizza. It's a tortilla with pasta sauce and cheese that I microwaved.
Bob: Man, that's bojank.
by killmotion December 15, 2010
Term usually used in place of an explitive (bull----). Believed to have been coined by {CD} Master on the Clever Dragon Counter-Strike: Source server.
n00b killed {CD} Master with the awp.
{CD} Master: Man, that was some bojank!
by {CD} darkness June 17, 2005

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