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Acronym: AIS

A poker analogy which applies to a one night stand that's dragged out because the girl still hasn't given it up.

The player feels they've invested too much to back out now.
John: What's Doug still doing with that girl? It's been 2 months and he still hasn't sealed the deal.

Mike: He's got classic All in Syndrome, he's spent weeks as her 'boyfriend' and has yet to reap any benefits.

John: That's weak, he needs to man up and cut his losses.

Mike: Agreed.
by LongfeatherTheGreat July 05, 2010
Acronym for 'Bit Of an Average'

Used to describe a guy or girl that's very average, nothing special, would only do if REALLY drunk.
Guy 1: Hey what do you think of that girl over there?

Guy 2: Na she's a BOA man, I'm not nearly drunk enough yet.


Guy 1: You hookup last night, how was she?

Guy 2: Nothing to right home about, just a BOA.
by LongFeatherTheGreat June 28, 2010

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