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The ANC is a terrorist organisation that finally came to power in 1994 following a brutal bombing campaign which killed an estimated 20,000 people (mostly civillians and black political opponents). It is now a troubled ruling political party, which has overseen an unprecedented decline in South Africa's ranking on the UN Human Development Index from a figure approaching European norms down to a level more commonly associated with other sub-Saharan nations.
The ANC is the ruling party in the Republic of South Africa.
by dudeinwales February 23, 2007
The Labour Party without the Labour. See also: Old Liberal Party.
The whole point of the Labour Party was so that working class people wouldn't have to vote Liberal any more. Now Labour are the new old Liberals, the Conservatives are the old New Labour, and the LibDems are somehow the old Tories and the old Labour Party at the same time. British politics makes no sense...
by dudeinwales October 26, 2006
A South Korean labour contractor in North Korea. Defends its' operations by claiming that conditions for Hyundai-Asan contracted workers is better than for other people in North Korea. Pays the North Korean government for North Korean labour instead of the actual workers (much like Krupps and German companies paid the Nazi authorities for Jewish labour during World War Two).
North Korean: Before Hyundai Asan came to North Korea, I never had enough tree-bark to eat!
Me: Dude, you eat tree-bark? That sucks balls. Kim Jong-il is a dickhead.
by dudeinwales October 24, 2006
Oops! You probably meant: Korean Worker's Party.

Uri Party is the southern branch of the Korean Worker's Party of Korea, which is led by Kim Jong-il. Roh Moo-hyun who is a retarded gobshite, is South Korea's president and close to the Uri Party. Ban Ki-moon, who is also close to the Uri Party and a Marxist gobshite, is now the UN Secretary-General.
Me: You're giving money to the Korean Worker's Party who are starving, torturing and murdering thousands of innocent North Koreans! You people are horrible bastards!
Uri Party: Yeah, we really feel their pain, but now we're going to give Kim Jong-il more of our money to keep him in Hennessey. Besides, it's cheaper than actually HELPING the North Koreans. Also, we're Marxist fucktards.
by dudeinwales October 22, 2006
China's official name. Most dumbass Americans don't even know it exists, which is made worse by the fact that they legitimised the Communist enslavement of 1.2 billion Mainlanders by betraying the Chinese Republic and recognising Communist rule over all of China (including Taiwan), and don't even fucking know it. But it's to be expected, since Americans are clueless about anywhere else.
Me: I think it's terrible that the US doesn't support the Republic of China in cross-straits tensions.

American: Taiwan is an independent country and not a province of China, blah, blah...

Me: Regardless of which government you support, Taiwan remains a province of China you wierdo.

American: WTF?

Me: Americans are ignorant wierdos.
by dudeinwales October 22, 2006
A name for Korea that you must use with Koreans unless you want them to get VANK to send you millions of protest letters.
Me: Oh, I love Korea.

Korean: No you dumb Yankee, it's Corea! The Japanese imperialists blah,blah,blah...Dokdo, blah...East Sea of Korea, blah...
by dudeinwales October 22, 2006
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