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More lame-ass consultant speak, meaning the process or procedure for performing an activity.
"Julie, what's the protocol for gathering the user requirements?"
by Some Consultant April 20, 2004
A college sex game which began with a group of Trojans. 2-8(or more) male fraternity brothers and one freaky, super-head giving, thick ass female. The process of a girl giving a guy head then being passed off to his bruh continuing in a circle while clothes are coming off the girl.. once the clothes are off, then the train begins. The girl will switch from guy to guy when a bruh yells protocol, the girl will switch to another guy. Ass grabbing and smacking, moaning, music, alcohol, and condoms(preferably) are required for safety and success. Additional options: invite another fraternity, invite another girl, etc.
one on six:
next bruh grabs girl,

girl moves to next dick
by TU's Superhead November 20, 2010