The act of performing oral sex with the use of teeth resulting in blue balls and an irritated member. The irritated member the prevents ejaculation resulting in prolonged exposure to blue balls.
"Dude, Adriana gave me a bluetooth and I've been throbbing for a week."
"After a night of hardcore laxing, natty light, and hours of bluetooth i woke up this morning to a bloody dick and sore balls"
by thebeefybanana August 29, 2011
its when a guy takes his dick. lays it on the girls shoulder. she then jacks it with her head.
dude! this girl straight bluetoothed my dick.
by got em! April 17, 2009
To get oral sex from a female hands free
Last night when I was getting some head I told that bitch to Bluetooth.
by deals22 August 30, 2010
When a girl is wearing big hoop earrings and a guy locks her heels into her hoop earrings in order to alleviate the stress of holding her legs up.
My arms were tired from holding her legs up, so i enabled her Bluetooth.
by Hotnicks August 01, 2010
The act of. To bluetooth someone. To Knock someone out without the use of a hand. A hands free knockout, i.e. a headbutt.
Jesus! You bluetoothed that motherf**ker, Wade.
by gratefulninja July 07, 2010
A tropical disease caused by having a surfeit of copper or cobalt in the diet. This can manifest itself as a discolouration of the teeth and fingernails, usually turning them a blue colour.
Fogg's smile proved to the Royal Academy that he had indeed been around the world; for he had the dreaded Bluetooth!
by Lemmiwinks December 29, 2004
when a bunch of guys sleep with a girl when they're all together and they all have a go
"fancy bluetooth?"
by teniqua April 22, 2009

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