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The new fanny pack. A bad misunderstanding of the philosophy of form over function.

Among the saddest in the history of status symbols. Worn to impress when not in use. Otherwise totally annoying to bystanders when used.

The ultimate in lazyness as users prefer not to lift an arm to talk on the phone!
Hey! You talkin' to me? Are YOU talkin' to ME? I don't see a Bluetooth on this side of your face, so you must be talkin' to ME!

See Dick. See Dick go out with Jane. See Dick wear Bluetooth out. Youthful, wealthy, tech-savvy, Dick. See Jane embarrassed of her date. See Jane not know who Dick is talking to at any given moment. See Jane slap that dorky sh*t right off Dick's head! Don't be a Dick.

#bluetool #phone #technology #geeks #dorks #status symbol #lazyness
by Bradlecat April 11, 2008
When ice has unknowingly clumped together in the bottom of a drink container and spontaneously comes free only when the glass is tipped all the way back, giving the drinker an unavoidable cold splash of beverage and ice to the face.

This most commonly happens on a first date or when first meeting someone you're attracted to. Not exactly the (ahem) icebreaker you were looking for.
Hi nice to meet you Emily, my name is Patrick. Oh, so thirsty from working out all afternoon. (Gulp, gulp... Splash!).

Oh Patrick, you just had an ice dam! Let me help you dry off your half shirt.
#ice #dam #beverage #clump #drink #cocktail #icebreaker #date
by Bradlecat April 30, 2008
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