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Primarily referring to human females. When breast tissue displays an above average level of blue (deoxygenated) veins, it can be referred to as "Blue Meat". The area around the breasts generally retains its normal skin tone.
"I was with a very hot MILF last night; there was a lot of Blue Meat".
by PopeMichael March 01, 2010
A penis belonging to a service member in the USAF. Usually if you have the blue meat you are very horny and will hit on anyone to get poontang.
OMG, that Air Force cadet has the blue meat!
by Padoodlemaster12304255a August 31, 2009
The flesh on the other side of a womans tight bunghole.
Last night my wife had a few drinks and let me get into some of that blue meat.
by Phtchnce January 05, 2005
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