(adjective)A large group of people; a huge quantity of something; an unnecessary amount.
Lindsey stood in the blop of people at break time.

Alan put a blop of sour cream on his baked potato.

There was a huge blop of jelly on Ken's face.

A blop of oranges were on the ground.
by Raccooninabox August 31, 2006
Top Definition
An abbreviation of the words Black Ops, referring to Call of Duty Black Ops.
Person 1: Hey man, wanna get on xbox live and play some blops?

Person 2: Sure man i love blops!
by chris derloshon October 20, 2010
The shortened term for Activision's "Call of Duty: Black Ops"
Dude I owned some kids at Blops last night.

Hey can you come to my house to play some Blops?
by Fitch27 November 02, 2010
the sound of jelly when it falls off your knife onto the floor
hey tom want some *blop*...shit my jelly fell onto the floor.
by ThatOtherGuysBestFriend October 14, 2008
The action of taking a silent but violent shit, where thine ass maketh no noise, but thine shit hitting the toilet water doth.

In other words you may not realize it until it's in the crapper, but it's just the same thing: just another stinking pile of shit.
Hey Joey, I just unleased a giant load of blops on my old thunder mug.
by BlopsIsBadMkay March 17, 2011
To have sexual relations with, or to ejaculate on someone.
"Damn look at that chick across the class, I would totally blop her." "Yeah I blopped on my girl last night."
by Zxlla December 02, 2014
Verb- The consumption of alcohol.
Every weekend high school students blop and make crucial moves.
by Move maker January 09, 2006
When a dog forgets to put its tongue back in its mouth, causing the tip to stick out. Same thing as blep in cats.
Mocha is asleep on the couch with a blop hanging out of her mouth.
by Meme Princess June 29, 2016
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