A word I made up a few moments ago, then discovered it means a blow poop job. LIES
Special Agent Sunshine says:
have you heard any additional information other then he was trying to book a table at 1
I'd take pleasure in gutting you boy says:
by daniel January 29, 2005
(See Blumpkin) Basically receiving a blow job whilst deficating on the toilet.
The transvestite I offered a ride home to gave me a Blop in exchange for my services.
by Joe Swaboda November 09, 2005
Recieving a blow job while taking a dump.
Honey, I have to take a dump. Time to give me a blop.

When Cindy was giving me a blop, she passed out from the fumes.
by Jake September 28, 2003
The action, during sexual intercourse, of full removal of phallus and reinsertion (balls deep), in a repeated fashion, occasionally alternating orifices.
My girl and I were off the chain last night with the blops!
by SickCODFan October 22, 2010
An abbreviation for the phrase "blog props." Refers to receiving praise for one's online blog writing on someone else's blog. Can also refer to giving credit for someone's blog entry on your own blog.
I was googling myself and found out that I got blops from some guy in Sheboygan.

Blops to DAVID DUST, who has a much snazzier Top Chef recap than I do on my blog.
by TBP May 13, 2008
abbriviation of the game Call of Duty: Black Ops, otherwise known as the BEST FUCKING GAME EVAR
Person A: Wanna come over?
Person B: Nah
Person A: I got Blops
by Mr. Blops December 07, 2010
Beautiful Lavish Oversized Pussy
"Damn! I want to fuck that BLOP."
"Dude! Did you see that fine ass BLOP? (BlOP meaning a woman)
by Freakyscomet February 28, 2016
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