A hybrid genre of Black Metal and Popular music.
Wow, Cradle of Filth are so Blop
by Rizdogs January 16, 2007
Refers to the sound for when a females vagina hits against a males face
Jasmine was horny so she blopped me.
by rae10123 August 19, 2008
Big Large Oversized Penis
my blop's in the way today
by Phrozen August 09, 2008
The insertion of just the testicles into a woman's vagina (or man's rectum) however you are inclined to repeated times. It offers no sexual pleasure whatsoever all you do it for is so you can say you've done it. After you've blopped a girl you may never want to look her in the eyes again
I blopped Jenny last night now I can't look her in the eyes because when I'm around her all I feel is shame.
by Sasquatch's Son March 23, 2010
1. The sound a penis makes as it exits a swollen rectum.

2. The sound that occurs when two males are engaged together in anal intercourse, and the receiving male releases intestinal gases from his rectum while in due process if intercourse.
1. <see anal porn>

2. Two males who have had anal intercourse for several hours decide to stop. Then, when the giving male pulls out his penis, the receiving male's rectum blop's.
by Divinities_Creature October 17, 2008
A word I made up a few moments ago, then discovered it means a blow poop job. LIES
Special Agent Sunshine says:
have you heard any additional information other then he was trying to book a table at 1
I'd take pleasure in gutting you boy says:
by daniel January 29, 2005
(See Blumpkin) Basically receiving a blow job whilst deficating on the toilet.
The transvestite I offered a ride home to gave me a Blop in exchange for my services.
by Joe Swaboda November 09, 2005

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