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The uncontrollable act of jerking one's video game controller as if to enable the on-screen character to successfully complete a motion or activity. May also be accompanied by exaggerated body movements and postures.

See also: nintendileptic
You should see my sister play Mario Kart 64. She's leaning all over the place, controller's above her head. Nintendilepsy is so sad.
by tbp April 22, 2010
Consciously childish variant of boob. 'Boobuses' plural.
Rewind the Tivo! I think I saw a boobus!

I met this girl at the bar the other night, and she totally wanted to show me her boobuses.
by TBP April 08, 2008
An abbreviation for the phrase "blog props." Refers to receiving praise for one's online blog writing on someone else's blog. Can also refer to giving credit for someone's blog entry on your own blog.
I was googling myself and found out that I got blops from some guy in Sheboygan.

Blops to DAVID DUST, who has a much snazzier Top Chef recap than I do on my blog.
by TBP May 13, 2008

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