shortened version of "black ops," an installment in the Call of Duty series of video games.
Sebastian: yo wanna play some ball?

Ronnie: stfu dude i'm playing blops

Sebastian: wtf is blops...
by Polizzi March 21, 2011
A combination of the words "black" and "cop," to identify an officer of the law as a dark-skinned fellow
I just love killin' Blops in GTA 4
by TheNoop November 05, 2011
A morbidly obese person's way of hitting on someone. Done by hitting them with their fat, or penis rolls.
I wanna blop kabitch in his hottub.

Ewwww that fatass was blopping on me
by Beachgirl555 April 10, 2012
The sound that a thick food (like mashed potatoes)makes when dropped from a spoon as it hits the plate.
The blop sound that the congealed spaghetti made as it left the cafeteria lady's ice cream scooper made me lose my appetite.
by Beauford October 03, 2007
The sound a turd makes when hitting the toilet water but also goes by the acronym less popular for Black opts 2!
Muhammed: dam i had some mad blops action last night

Django: Yeah me too Black Opts 2 is the best....

Muhammed:........I meant poop! Blop!!
by rectum rattler December 17, 2012
Has different meanings throughout the World.

1. In Japan, Hawaii, Southern California, and Germany: Blop is the act of of very roughly surprising someone with anal sex.

2. Or just to be used as a filler word, or create an amazing term which can never be matched.
Ryan: So did you blop her last night?
Mychal: Yeah!!! you know i blopped that.

Cameron: BLOP!!
Justin: OH yeah well BLOPDUKEN!!!! ( the ultimate streetfighter secret move)
by YV BLOPMASTER February 12, 2011
(adjective)A large group of people; a huge quantity of something; an unnecessary amount.
Lindsey stood in the blop of people at break time.

Alan put a blop of sour cream on his baked potato.

There was a huge blop of jelly on Ken's face.

A blop of oranges were on the ground.
by Raccooninabox August 31, 2006

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