Something said as an after thought, either approving of something or not agreeing. Also used to show surprise, or mock somebody/something.

Has developed into many different variations (such as bloofies, bloofers, doosh, blam) in order to fit into context or to include variety.
Example 1:

Matt: Is this? (pointing to 24 pack of good beer he just bought)

Shawn: Bloof!

Matt: Is this!? (pointing to a micro brew keg)

Shawn: Bloofers!

Example 2:

*at the ex girlfriend walks in...*

Matt: Blam.

Shawn: What?

Matt: My ex just walked in dude!

Shawn: Ba-blam! Let's bounce.
#wow #pumped #yes #mock #funny #surprise #bag #rag #cap
by rockstar myers October 27, 2011
Top Definition
Bloof is a communal and exclusive term amongst selected individuals to express a variety of emotions, concern, disgust, and appreciation for certain observations and familiarities.
That shit was fuckin' bloof.
That kickflip was bloof guy!
I can't believe we had to write that exam today, that was bloof!
#shit #fuck #blood #poop #crap
by sygmatik October 25, 2010
a lethargic good for nothing piece of rock that just takes up space; if punched in the belly, multi-flavored jolly ranchers pop out of his mouth. What a treat!
I'm thirty but I don't have money on me to buy a drink. Maybe if I bloofed this soda machine, goodies will pop out.

Every girl wants to marry a good boy. Make sure to study hard so you don't end up with a Bloof.
#jerk #jolly ranchers #bloof #steven #lethargic #aloof #passive
by e_e August 29, 2006
v. To explode romantically

n. A romantic explosion
My computer short-circuited when I bloofed all over the keyboard.
#jizz #explode #cum #make #whale
by jew_swoggle May 07, 2009
Getting a blow job while smoking marijuana.
A bloof is lighting up while a person is sucking on your dick.
#wake and bake #head in bed #give head in bed #roast my cock's bowl #smoke my cock blunt
by Chode Muffin November 26, 2010
A bloof is one of the "popular" kids. The kind of kids who think that every one likes them. The boys are typically really good looking and confident and always flip their hair. The girls are usually "hot" and get all the guys with their bodies, confidence, and large amounts of make-up.
"Whoa! Regina George is a totaaaall bloof, she gets all the guys and wears a ton of make-up!"


Bloof- "Ahh! I dropped my pencil!" (Bends over right in front of bloof boy)
Bloof Boy- "Wow, that is one nice piece of booty! Do you wanna go out and make bloof children?!" (Boy flips hair)
Bloof- "Right now? Sure!"
#popular #regina george #hot #confident #make-up
by bloofbuster July 09, 2010
1.A word used when there is nothing else to say
2.feeling random
created in
Guest-AA5360054-I'm bored
by ;) April 09, 2005
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