A shitty company that is losing money every year and only exists because it gives Time Warner tax breaks..

Blockbuster is now getting sued over their policy on no late fees because it's a scam. Blockbuster keeps your credit card number in their computers. So if you rent out a movie, and don't return it within seven days, when you bumble back in thinking that you won't have any late fees they inform you that you have to buy the movie. Nice scam, morons.
Customer: Hello, I am returning this movie seven days late. However, due to your no late fees policy, I know I have nothing to worry about.

Blockbuster CSA: I'm sorry, sir, but we conveniently didn't inform you that if you keep the movie out for more than seven days we charge you for it. How would you like to go about paying for it?

Customer: See you in court.
by taintfuck March 07, 2005
A very big event, especially multiple sex acts with a hot chick
I got four trojans and a sixer, going to my girls - gonna make it a blockbuster night!
by jim October 03, 2003
a term to describe getting some with really easy skanks.

when a girl is really easy. it's about as easy to get some as it is to rent movies at blockbuster.
"giddy went to blockbuster last night"

"that girl looks like she works at blockbuster"

by leah shalalala September 10, 2007
A great place to rent games/movie. The home of no late fees!
Lets go rent some shit at Blockbuster.
by Vince January 29, 2005
Huge block-like letters that were meant to cover up an entire wall or train.

this was created to stand out and to prevent unwanted battling.
Blockbusters can also kill a battle.

this Blockbuster can be seen far and wide.
by DigDug March 08, 2004
A fucking shitty movie and game rental place. Not only is it overpriced, but the employees are jerks who wont even help customers out.
Let's got rent an over priced movie at Blockbuster.
by Detroit Ryda June 07, 2005
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