This video store chain that ended up going bankrupt after people started using Netflix and when they started the whole "no late fees" policy at Blockbuster.
"Let's go to Blockbuster...wait it no longer is in business. Oh well. There's always gonna be Netflix!"
by dudelistico2012 August 10, 2011
When a black person moves onto an all white block which lowers the prices of the houses on the block
We cant sell our house for that price because of that damn blockbuster.
by Dwight Halpert February 09, 2015
The consumption of a mixture of every drug known to man, it is most commonly alcohol related and there is no specific combination so go crazy
beer+wine+vodka+scotch+etc= Blockbuster
by ThisIsAJoke15152631 December 30, 2010
A shitty wanna-be company that will/should either end up unionized or flat broke. Cheating people outta money is the game, treating employees like shit is a bonus. Managerial skills take backburner to sales. They actually had the balls to say late fees dont make up much of their profits. Ya, ok shitbrick.
No more late fees anymore.... or breaks. Get the right shade of laces 2-year employee or go home for good.
by unknown March 13, 2005
Someone who constantly needs an explanation of what's happening throughout the viewing of a motion picture.
Friend: Wait, who's the bad guy?
You: The big scary guy who's been killing everyone the whole time.
Friend: Why's he killing everyone?
You: It showed you his past at the beginning of the movie! God, why do you have to be such a blockbuster?
by aintisaword May 09, 2010
big huge jugs great for milkin
Jake's mom has huge blockbusters
by Mike Andrews October 20, 2003
a large piece of graffiti done in block lettering, usually lacking style.
'I did a block buster on your ugly grandmas garage'
by MC Boonge August 13, 2003
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