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7 definitions by Delfinator

An internet term meaning 'whatever'. This clever shortening of the word relieves the author of having to type the letters 'h', 'a' and 't'. This saves time so the author may continue in various important exploits.
*On MSN*
Greg: Haha! I beat you yesterday!
Bill: What are you talking about? We beat you by six points!
Greg: w8eva
by Delfinator September 10, 2009
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When you jump out from behind a tree next to a bushwalking track and attack innocent bushwalking tourists to steal their water. This attack is usually launched during an unorganised bushwalk where you run out of drink yourself.
Unorganised bushwalker 1: You ready to launch this track attack?
Unorganised bushwalker 2: Yeah, lets go!
(both jump out from behind a tree and attack well prepared Swedish backpackers)
Unorganised bushwalker 1: We got the water! Leg it!
(both run away with water and leave swedish backpackers stunned and panting on the ground)
by Delfinator March 04, 2009
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When you are caught stealing from a Blockbuster Video store.
Robber: Oh man, i hope i don't get caught robbing this Blockbuster.
Guard: What? Who's That? I see you!
Robber: Oh damn!
Guard: You just got Blockbusted!
by Delfinator March 04, 2009
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A modern day pirate that is/was active post the release of the movie "Pirates Of The Carribean". This term was coined on Triple J, an Australian radio station, when it was decided that the word "pirate" conveys too much Pirates of the Carribean-ness.
"Did you hear about those Somalian pirates hijacking one of our ships?"

"yeah, those hydrogangstas are taking us all back to the age of "Pirates Of The Carribean".
by Delfinator April 15, 2009
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When you are given two warnings simultaneously, the first one being for no reason and the second one being for talking back to the accusing teacher (aka defending yourself)
Jimmy: (reading quietly)
Teacher: Jimmy! 1 for talking!
Jimmy: But sir, i wasn't...
Teacher: 2 for talking back!
Johnny: You just got Fitzrolled!
by Delfinator March 04, 2009
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A short grunt-like shout directed at someone (usually from a distance) who has very recently done something embarrassing. ie: Tripping over.
Bill: Jamie's quite good at basketball, isn't he?
Fred: Yeah, he is pretty good, wish i had that skill. I really admire him.
(Jamie trips over while trying to take the ball from someone)
Fred and Bill in unison: Unt!
by Delfinator March 04, 2009
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A working week in which all five days are occupied by exams. Similar to a test cricket match but indoors, and really, really boring...
Joe: It's week six of the term next week.
Tim: Oh yeah, we've got all our exams in that week.
Joe: Looks like it's gonna be a test of tests then.
by Delfinator March 04, 2009
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