One step past being drunk or slizzard.
I'm gonna be BLITZED at tonight's bonfire
by KT NO DOTS August 20, 2010
the most intense sex you can have while high
Beani and i were so blitzed last night
by chimera012 June 11, 2013
A verb associated with one going all-out on something i.e. an object, competition or anything in which can receive human impact physically or mentally. Also commonly referred to getting extremely drunk, raised or both.
- I blitzed my exam; finished within 20 minutes!

- John started pushing Liam and then Liam just blitzed it. I don't think John will be picking on him again!

- On the last lap of the 800m race, this kid absolutely blitzed it. He deserved 1st place!
by Maximus Decimus Meridi March 11, 2012
Blitzed is a term used when one smokes an excessive amount of marijuana, to the point where said person is so insanely stoned that he or she is bound to start taking their clothes off.

The term may also be used when one comsumes ridiculous amounts of alcohol, to the point where said person is barely able to function properly.
Girlfriend - "I'm fucking pissed at you."
Boyfriend - "Why?!"
Girlfriend - "You called last night and left a message saying I was the worst sex you've ever had."
Boyfriend - "::laughing:: I'm sorry, baby. I hung out with the guys and we smoked so much weed/drank so much. I was fucking blitzed."
by alex shuts up February 26, 2006
This means that you are so fucking high! You have smoked at least 5 joints, and some blunts(ya!!)...It Just means that you are so high! Live On!
The High Society!
Yo, I'm so Blitzed!
Fuck..I'm A Blitzted Out Bitch!
Punk Ass Blitzer!
by Jenny September 26, 2004
Being relly high, or wasted to the point of having no words to decribe it.
I drank a 60 of whiskey, i'm so wasted.
by j/a June 29, 2003

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