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someone who avoids going to war or fighting in his lifetime, but still advocates that the war is necessary.
George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are chicken hawks.
by Rayl November 24, 2003
from the german word "blitzkrieg", meaning lightning (a very offensive-minded war strategy developed by the germans in WW2 that advocated quick control of your enemy's territory through fast and violent military bombardment; usually combining land and air attacks).

Used in football terminology to denoted a defensive play in which many defensive players are used to try and break through the offensive line (the line protecting the quarterbacks and running backs). A Blitz usually leaves the defence vulnerable to passing plays, but it also cuts down on the time the quarterback has to throw the ball (it's main purpose is to put pressure on the quarterback or sack the quarterback).
The defence really got good penetration on that blitz.
by Rayl November 24, 2003
Name of a music group that introduced some of the first 'rap' lyrics to the mainstream music industry. The group was composed of white people with a blonde haired girl (Debrah Harry) as the lead singer. Many think 'Blondie' is debrah harry's name, but it is actually the name of the whole group.
i like blondie's music.
by Rayl November 24, 2003
refer to lol
Paladin on world of warcraft, usually between lvl 1 - 20. on a roleplay server. Who ALWAYS uses OOC chat in /say.
Rayl says: Hello there
Paladin Says: Lo, sup m8?
Rayl whispers: Another loladin ey?
Paladin whispers: WT!F!F?! OMFG !N000B!!11!!1
by Rayl May 02, 2006
22 inch rims
pulled up in the club with the douce twos gleeming.
by Rayl November 24, 2003

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