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An eternally binding act of hooking pinky fingers together in an attempt to seal the deal of a promise that has been made.
I promise to never do that again!
Do you pinky swear?
by Melia May 04, 2005
an eternally binding promise (made by two people hooking their pinky thumbs together), which, if broken, will result in the culprit losing his or her pinky
"I pinky swore never to cover my mom's garden gnomes with carcinogens....I did and she cut off my pinky with a cleaver."
by Josh Brown May 10, 2005
Pinkyswear is the act of taking the ultimate oath and showing your faith and committment by simply locking pinky's as a gesutre of good faith on a promise...
Thing One: "Nuh-huh way"
Thing Two: "Yes way homey"
Thing One: "Pinkyswear?"
Thing Two: "Okay...Pinkyswear"
by Johnny Big Stick December 15, 2006
a secret between losers; in a desperate act to have some sort of "inside joke" to get thier other friends jealous. didn't work. involves thing such as: jennifer root, dorm daze 2, and jordan.
"they'll never find out our pinky swear, boyzz"
"i swear i wont tell!"
by tehehe123 November 14, 2006
to make out in a risque way (place, time, etc.)
Andy and I pinky swore in the back of the shed during strike.
by Tiffanie! March 24, 2005
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