To shit on someones floor, when drunk.
He was drunk and took and blake on my floor.
You could have takein that blake in the bathroom.
The cat did it! The cat cant take a blake like that.
by Billy1235 April 15, 2007
Top Definition
A somewhat common name for a male; witty, dangerously handsome, clever and trustworthy.
Blake is a real handsome devil.
by Ashley J. "Ash" Williams July 14, 2006
1. Charming, courageous, and stunningly handsome; Blake is cursed with being the object of every woman's affection. He is Known for starting and ending wars. Being the most influential man in history, he is hated by a monority of men, but respected by all.

2. Blake was the name given to Kings of the Persian, Egyptian, Mongolian, Roman, and Zulu Nations.
Blake was an Adonnis. Adonnis was a Blake.
by Kaiser Sose February 04, 2008
A guy that is afraid of falling in love. Does not know what he wants; often resulting in many things he wishes he would have never done. Is secretly in love with his best girl-friend, but won't let himself fall for her. Can talk his way out of almost anything, and will use this to his advantage whenever possible. Is probably British, light-complected, and gets what he wants. A Blake is someone you would definitely want to befriend.
"I think I'm in love with my best friend, but I don't know what to do!"

"Stop being such a Blake and ask her out!"
by dragonmaster473 August 26, 2008
A male who is so extreemely hot he can instantly make any female wet just by looking at her.
He is most likely full of himself.

Blake is kickass at EVERYTHING except poker and pool.
Trisha: "OMG! Blake just looked at me!" *faints*

Blake: "Oh well, she wasn't good enough for me anyway"

Aaron: "Dude, you're such a douche"

Blake: "What ever at least I'm a super hot douche"
by Drama Queen 101 July 10, 2008
Blake is a name for the male gender. Blake's are usually, kind, funny, loving, caring, understanding, cute, and smart . Blake's are amazing friends to have. Also, they are extremely stubborn and if you hurt them they let it pass a few times, but if you hurt their parterner, then they will most likely try to hurt you. They are amazing significant others. If you are lucky enough to have a Blake for your boyfriend, don't let him go. If it's true then he'll never abandon you even when everyone else walks out. They are amazingly sweet and romantic towards their significant other. When they're feeling like making you feel special(which is usually always), they will write a you a note or send you an e-mail while you're asleep saying how much they love you. A Blake is an amazing friend, and they will always be their for you. Also, if ever having suicidal thoughts and you tell a Blake who is either your significant other or good friend at the time, Blake will most likely save your life and turn your thoughts around and show you how beautiful you are.
Allison: Lizzie, you're so lucky to have a guy like Blake!
Lizzie: I know. He's so amazing. He deserves someone so much better than me.
Allison: Don't say that. You're stuck with him forever.
Lizzie: Forever & always.
by LizzieGirl March 13, 2010
A Super hot and Sophisticated man, keeps secrets and loves women. Will marry hot &sexy wife who is drop dead gorgeou. Blake had a huge schlong and he knows what he wants and when hes going to get it.
"Hey tracy did you see Blake"
"ya, Susie i wish my boyfriends schlong was that big or that he was that hot and smart"
by goosfrabaa March 11, 2009
An extremely amazing person any girl would go to the moon and back for. A very sexy individual, who may be quite strange but is an amazing person at heart. Last name usually is: Smalridge (with only one "l" because they really ARE NOT small!)
Alex "oh boy a met someone last night"
Ronnie: "really, whats his name?"
Alex: "Blake!"
by BIG:KID January 28, 2009
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