He is dangerously handsome and unusually nice making himself one of the greatest guys you will ever meet. He can completely capture your heart and most likely end world hunger or even lasso the moon if he tried.
Yeah that Blake can always make me smile =]
by notecard February 08, 2010
An extremely amazing individual who is recognized as a hard working and virtuous man; an individual who supports his lady and never takes her for granted; causes shortness of breath, fluttering in the heart, and remarkably bright smiles; an individual who is the beloved of she who cares for him most.
"She is due to marry her Blake on October 8, 2011."
by HisBride2B February 04, 2010
A wonderful guy who will always be there for you and is really cute. He is one of the nicest guys out there and can capture a girls heart in just one glance. Really hard to find a Blake without a girlfriend. If you find one get to know him and if he asks you out, hold-on tight to him.
girl 1 - who is that guy over there?
girl 2 - that is Blake.
girl 1 - he is so hot!
girl 2 - to bad he has a girlfriend.
girl 1 - she is so lucky!
girl 2 - he took my heart at first glance!
by zanzabars_lovin September 17, 2010
A burrito.
Too many bites of blake, and I'll end up looking like Oprah Winfrey.
by iaintnoginger February 08, 2010
the most amazing guy that Laken could ever have; under the word perfection. the one that makes her weak to her knees, the one she can't live without, she loves him.
i love you, blake.

blake, you're fxcking perfect.
by (: Laken; November 30, 2009
A guy with a kind heart who will do whatever to makesure everyone is happy. Staggeringly handsome, a Blake is sure to catch every girl's eye. But be careful, he will seemingly choose every girl but you.
Girl 1: Woah who was that?
Girl 2: Oh that's Blake, he's hot isn't he?!
Girl 1: Yeah *sigh* but he'll never go for me..
by Louisaxxx651 April 23, 2010
Truly the most amazing person who has ever walked this planet.
The Blakenator.
by Secondmostamazing February 16, 2012

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