A sexy,charming,smart man who is a killer with the ladies and loves to party. Blake has a beautiful girlfriend named Vanessa who is everything he is plus more. You never want to mess with a Blake because he will fuck you up
Classmate:"Oh shit Blake's talking to my girlfriend!!!"
Other classmate :"You can say goodbye to her Blake never fails when it comes to anything especially the ladies
#stunning #perfect #handsome #hero #largepenis #legendary
by ALASKAROCKS907 July 24, 2015
The hottest piece of man-meat ever to exist. An intellect sharp as a knife, and a wit to match. Blake is almost always right, which bothers people, but Blake then gently explains why it's okay that he's right, which calms them down. Women are naturally attracted to Blake, mainly because of their swimmer bodies, which consist of rocking abs, massive biceps, calves of iron, steel triceps, etc. People are jealous of Blake, because they are very fun to drink with, and an absolute god in bed. Easily described as extremely sexy, Blake has tight buns, and chiselled features that could score glass. Blake is friends with all the beautiful, gorgeous, popular, movie-star-type people. The sun shines out of Blake's anus, and makes everyone smile when Blake walks by. Blake is always more successful than everyone else in everything. It has been said that everything that has ever happened in history has been either the result of Blake, or happened to produce Blake. Having Blake for a friend is the best thing that could happen to anyone, Blake will light up the dark, he will make the ordinary extraordinary and the plain magnificent. In Blake's hands you will find trust and comfort, happiness, and joy. Everyone trusts Blake, and in turn Blake is always trustworthy. Blake is an aesthetically pleasing addition to any room, and brings a unique pleasing aroma into the room, not unlike a basket of roses after a mid-days shower. Blake is THE most amazing guy you will ever meet.

Hot Girl's (Non-gay) Man Friend: Yes he is, he is totally a Blake.
#sexy #handsome #smart #hot #strong #betterthananyoneelse
by MrDerpyTurtle99 June 01, 2015
A smart, funny, and sexy girl who is always loyal to her friends. She is a beautiful, caring, and talented person. She loves to party and have fun! She is bubbly and bright.

simply beautiful, sweet, u wish u were her, boys fall over her, prettiest one in school, somehow her frends arent jealous, picky when it comes to boys, loves to flirt, very nice to everyone, weird around opposite sex, many frends that are great to her, athletic, short, sporty, and hot!
girl: omg look its blake, i wanna be her friend
guy: go talk to blake, she super sweet
#blake #girl #funny #loveable #cute
by d.b b.p January 02, 2011
very handsome polite man who always so anything for the people they love.
Man, he is such a great man or blake
#handsome #nice #sexy #polite #good
by Blake716 May 06, 2015
Beautiful, intelligent, inspiring woman. A dream come true. A great catch. The total package.
It's impossible not to love a Blake.
#synonyms: beautiful #rockin #awesome-as-hell #smart #kind. antonyms: crazy #controlling #obsessive #untrustworthy #spiteful.
by AngeDeLaMort November 17, 2013
A somewhat uncommon name for a male. Introverted, but hides it behind a disarming extroverted exterior. Intelligent, but doesn't always use his intelligence for the best purposes. Occupies a privileged position of (self-appointed?) superiority that makes him (often unfairly) critical of others.

Skin deep, a lover of classic films and cult hits alike, a music freak, a theater geek, and a writer. Likes black and goth and metal apparel. Has long hair, kept as neatly as possible on good days. Is of average attractiveness. Perhaps somewhat above-average.

Past the first layer is a persona concocted primarily to keep distance between himself and others. Superior, abrasive, arrogant, caustic, and vaguely unpleasant in a general sense. This means that most people don't get too close, but those that do are worth befriending.

Deeper still lurks a person ruled by contradictions. A dark romantic who believes in multiple true loves, but also is haunted by the fear that no one will ever fit just right. Paradoxically a possessor of both a superiority and inferiority complex. A liberal fountain of advice on all matters of love and life, but cannot take his own advice well. Advocates free expression, but probably couldn't even tell someone that he loves them without coaxing.

In short, a very interesting person with far too many issues. Will one day be a very happy and successful person, if he can find the right person to be happy for.
Guy 1: Damn, Blake is one messed up dude.
Guy 2: Yeah, little bit, but he's cool enough, I guess.
#romantic #intelligent #freak #teenager #male
by A Guy Who Knows Things June 07, 2010
An amazing girl with a great personality. You will be blown away when you meet her. Can be a little wild but she will be worth it.
I wish I could be a Blake.
#amazing #stunning #perfect #wildish #wow
by hhood September 15, 2015
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