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A blog you feel compelled to read but leaves you fantastically underwhelmed. To do so will typically take 5 minutes of your life & good eyesite that you'll never get back.
Holy hell, if you need to feel better about your life, read this blahg about decorating vegetables. Jeebus.

I'd write about my day but I so don't want to post a blahg- no one deserves that.
by Roxie AKA LisaLeesaLisa August 26, 2008
A blog about completely boring, unoffensive, drab, and unexciting material.
"Her writing is so dull, I could blahg about it."
by Taylor Bones January 20, 2012
a blog which is needlessly tedious, and exceptionally boring. Often contains text book like presentation of information
I read Jen's awful blahg about her trip to minnesota everynight to put myself to sleep.
by neonbreeze May 13, 2011
A blog with absolutely no information and a lot of random bitching. It has zero content, is not remotely funny, but has pages and pages of it. Its a blog that goes like blah blah blah blah blah.
Know Balan? He has such a blahg.
by gunkglumb April 20, 2006
A blog that really sucks.
Dude, that guy write such a blahg.
by mariamarie November 07, 2003
To be bored with keeping a blog.
I feel like blahg again today
by PhillieG November 26, 2006
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