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Literally the "water of life." Alcohol, specifically whiskey.
Yo, pass me that aqua vitae, man. I'm not shit-faced enough!
by mariamarie November 07, 2003
The feeling that you are falling into a pretty dark pit because he is not there to catch you. The feeling you just had your heart ground up like meat. The feeling that there is absolutely no hope for love anymore, at least not for you. The feeling that you will end up a cat lady, knitting sweaters and growing toxic plants with your best and only friend, because together, you are heartbroken.
The boy you love just rejected you, saying, "there is someone else, so....", and you are now heartbroken.

The boy you love just left you for some other girl, probably not even as pretty, leaving you heartbroken and miserable.
by MariaMarie March 19, 2012
Understatement. When you say something (usually satirically) by saying the opposite of what you really mean. Like "That's not good." When you mean "Holy crap, that sucks! What are we going to do!?"
I didn't want to offend the teacher, so I used litote to tell her how much her class sucks.
by mariamarie November 07, 2003
Someone who really sucks at writing code.
That guy is so not 1337. What a code monkey!
by mariamarie November 07, 2003
A blog that really sucks.
Dude, that guy write such a blahg.
by mariamarie November 07, 2003
Poetry that you read out loud. Usually carries a political message.
Hey, I'm going to the cafe tonite to hear some phat spoken word artists.
by mariamarie November 07, 2003

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