An acronym standing for "Beauty, Intelligence, (great) Personality, and Sanity".
I love girls who have a high quailty of BIPS.
by hippobarber575 December 01, 2011
An acronym for "Bust in Pants" is the act of ejaculating in your pants during a lap dance.
Brad: Mike how was the dance?
Mike: It was unbelievable!
Brad: But did you BIP?
Mike: Of course, I gotta go clean up now.
by StripClubFanatic February 09, 2014
To hit or slap
I'm going to bip you in the head.
by lovejones May 28, 2013
Hitting the male genitals of another.
Bob bipped his friend Jon when he was yawning. Everyone laughed, Jon cried.
by A_n_o_n May 24, 2013
As said, originating from Broward County, Florida. Slang for high-quality marijuana such as funk, fire, kind, etc. Taken from the word krypto, shortened and changed to a "B" for governmental monitoring purposes.
J came through with the bip and we got lifted.
by Anonymous Man September 05, 2005
Used for punking someone, the usage of Bip describes the act of hitting someone while making it a huge punkout.
What you said you were gay? ... *Bip*
by XII German IIX BOOM BOOM September 14, 2003
The act of popping someone on their bare forehead with the back of the fingertips.
I suprised the crap out of Sam when I bipped him good.
by JWilli December 17, 2007

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