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It's a term Combat Engineers and other personal in the Army use when there dealing with UXOs, IEDs, Trees, Houses, Barricades etc that are in the way and need to be blown up.

Blow In Place
Blown In Place
Blowup In Place
Engineer 1-That House Is Full Of UXO
Engineer 2-So Just BIP It

Person 1-Theirs A IED On the side of the road what do you want to do?
Engineer- Lets BIP It

Solider 1-We Need to get down this road ASAP call the Engineers to BIP the barricade
Solider 2-Thats a good idea there BIP anything they can
by Lil Poe January 01, 2011
The act of popping someone on their bare forehead with the back of the fingertips.
I suprised the crap out of Sam when I bipped him good.
by JWilli December 17, 2007
Used for punking someone, the usage of Bip describes the act of hitting someone while making it a huge punkout.
What you said you were gay? ... *Bip*
by XII German IIX BOOM BOOM September 14, 2003
Derogatory term used to refer to:
Bangladeshi's , Indians and Pakistanis all at the same time
Went down to chicken cottage only to find it was full of Bips
by z3r0phewl May 13, 2011
To steal, especially in a quick and stealthy manner.
When Jamal wasn't looking, LeQuan bipped a whole handful of his French fries. Jamal never knew what hit him, and he went hungry for the rest of the afternoon.
by M. Gorilla July 26, 2008
m8, buddy , bruv , bro
hey bip how are ya?
wats going on bip?
by ricsta-_-69 July 18, 2008
That fire fo' yo' desire! Originated from the gritty streets of Broward County FLA!
Yo nigga go cop that bip so we can bunn down
by Jon Doc & The Decon October 15, 2003