Derogatory term used to refer to:
Bangladeshi's , Indians and Pakistanis all at the same time
Went down to chicken cottage only to find it was full of Bips
by z3r0phewl May 13, 2011
A slang term for "Bitch", said rather quickly,
What the fuck Bip?
by TDnLOC October 21, 2009
That fire fo' yo' desire! Originated from the gritty streets of Broward County FLA!
Yo nigga go cop that bip so we can bunn down
by Jon Doc & The Decon October 15, 2003
stands for "Boy in plaid shirt"
any boy wearing a plaid shirt.
"look at that bips over there!"
by 807 December 26, 2009
1. A sound that is made when ever something extremely stupid is said.
2. A sound that is made when a person saying something gets tongue twisted and realized that what they said made completely no sense.
3. Another sound used for "no homo".
4. Usually said after and awkward silence shared between your friends.
"Hey guys, I got my tubes tied today!!"*awkward silence*"BIP!"
by Nu Wizdum December 28, 2007
The little droplets of cum juice that come out before you really nut. Usually people will say they have "bip come out of their tip" glistening, sHinY.
Dude: Fuck, man, I hope Amber isn't preggers! everytime I'd pull out I had bip on my tip.

by Mazapan August 05, 2006
To kill someone in a maim
Oh damn, he just got Bip'd.
by maxpowerss February 15, 2009

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