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Verb: Slang term for engaging in anal intercourse.
To Bill Cosby someone.
I want to, I want to Bill Cosby you
by Anal Intruder July 25, 2005
A Bill Cosby is when a black man dips his pudding pop(penis) into a bowl of pudding so that a white girl can suck it off during oral sex.
Jerome persuaded Jillian to suck the pudding off his penis. He pulled a Bill Cosby.
by Douglas Wayne September 18, 2006
A sick ass mofo with bad breath, that will one day parish because of his bad breath.
My girlfriend smells like a Bill-Cos-by.
by Evan Baker February 20, 2005
A black man that judges other people while doing the same thing too. Just within the past week, Bill was accused of sexual harassment. Also see hypocrite
Bill Cosby is like President Bush.
by ManInTheBox January 30, 2005