A man who shoobities the floobity dooblities while flibbitying the zoppity boppities.
Bill Cosby is the man.
by PJ Queen April 22, 2012
The act of eating colorful food(s) and regurgitating onto your partner's chest, creating a vibrant layer of love not unlike Bill Cosby's sweater.
Mindy: Would you mind giving me a Bill Cosby?

Josh: Sure, babe, let me get the Fruity Pebbles.

Mindy: We did Fruity Pebbles last night. Grab the Pudding Pops.
by jewishjew855 July 11, 2011
When someone gets roofied at a party then taken advantage of anally and vaginally.
Chic 1: Damn, I dont remember what happened last night.
Chic 2: You must have gotten bill cosby'ed last night.
by davethestick August 07, 2015
to blackout drug, then violate drugged person(s)
Andrew is going to bill cosby the shit out of Maria after canapés are seved.
by T Phat January 07, 2016
The sound someone makes before they give you a lame excuse as in "daaawwwwwwww"
Allan: you got my money? it's been months!

Carl: Daaawwwww, I forgot, didn't I pay you already?

Allan: Don't gimme the Bill Cosby, I want my money!
by Caligula Black April 29, 2009
A jello pudding tasting shot that mimics a Bill Cosby date tactic. Topped with a pill or candy. Drink instructions:

1oz Vanilla vodka

0.5 oz Frangelico
Dash of Chocolate syrup
Splash Half and half
Splash soda

Float of altoid mint, aspirin, or sweeTART
Let me buy you a Bill Cosby and take advantage of you.
by Franksnbeans August 24, 2015
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