to blackout drug, then violate drugged person(s)
Andrew is going to bill cosby the shit out of Maria after canapés are seved.
by T Phat January 07, 2016
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Be sure to be able to produce solid stools. Shit in someone's mouth, they are to grab it and lick it. Meanwhile you sit on their chest and talk like Bill Cosby about pudding pops.
If you get bored on your summer vacation, you can always take turns performing the bill cosby on each other.
by ARJW June 30, 2008
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Noun: One who enjoys the jello pudding pops or jello pudding in general
by Jaku May 07, 2005
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When someone gets roofied at a party then taken advantage of anally and vaginally.
Chic 1: Damn, I dont remember what happened last night.
Chic 2: You must have gotten bill cosby'ed last night.
by davethestick August 07, 2015
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Comedian who should be cloned; comedian who should be recognized as a national treasure; not a racist, but a compassionate person who is a good role model.
Bill Cosby is a national treasure because he made a show which is THE PERFECT parenting guide for any set of parrents, or single parents... naming their ethnicities is not important, because I already said the important part which is: Bill Cosby is a national treasure!!!!!!!!
by Al Jackson August 24, 2003
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puddin pop sell out house nigga. the only thing hes gonna catch is a cold at the school bus. hes a big smelly nappy jig, and he talks like a rotten coon. plush pillow ass nigga velveeta smackin tuck boat ash try dirty nigger craft.
Michael J Fox: Hey nigger, i have a few slaves in my basement and they could use a good talking to cause i cant stop shaking.

Bill Cosby: Ohhh Michael, im Bill Cosby, you know, big plush pillow ass nigga. IM A BIG FAT SMELLY NIGGA!!!!!! (with cosby accent.)

rabbi gluck: Bill, cantour lebo and i both agree that you are one big NIGGER. Puddin Pop lips smackin pushed in nose nigga.
by STOP+SHOP IS A DUMP September 09, 2011
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Comedian: Made popular by the internets and websites named after Sean Connery quotes. He knows what the Jazz is all about and has a slight grasp of the game Pokemon.
Pokemon?! Pokemon with the Poke and the man and the thing with the guy comes out of the thing AND HE MAKES A VRAHERZAH AH AH AH

-Bill Cosby
by Prawned July 07, 2006
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