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A hardcore punk band from the late 70's to the 80's. Contrary to the most highly voted definition, the band was not led by Henry Rollins, but Greg Ginn, the only member that was ALWAYS there. He started the band, Rollins came way later to have " led " the band.
Idiot: Hey guyz, wanna go listen 2 some linkin park?
Kickass McPunk: Fuck off twat, I'm busy listening to Rise Above.
by ManInTheBox March 15, 2005
A term coined by the hit-show Seinfeld, the word vaulted means to keep a secret safe.
" Can you keep a secret? "
" Oh yes, i'll put it in the vault. "
" I am into beastiality. "
" Vaulted. "
by ManInTheBox March 21, 2005
A person that kisses up to a woman, especially on the internet, exceedingly. It's one thing to treat them well, it's another thing to be outrageous about it. Pinknoser is the female equivalent of a brown nosing.
I can't stand the way you put girls up on a pedestal. Stop pinknosing, lamer.
by ManInTheBox March 27, 2005
Hyper Active Clitoris Syndrome - A woman who can't stop playing with herself over and over with very small rest period in between due to a high sex drive or overactive (sensitive) clitoris.
She couldn't stop masturbating due to her HACS condition
by maninthebox December 14, 2014
It doesn't exist. It's all in your head. Studies show that you don't get a rush from sugar. You get it from the caffeine in chocolate. I hate hearing people say, " Oh, I've got a sugar high. " It's like not taking a puff and acting like you're stoned. Just lame.
Bobby: I've got a sugar high from this cookie!
Bibbity: How bout you shut the fuck up? There's no such thing as it, so fuck off nutbag.
by ManInTheBox July 16, 2005
A black man that judges other people while doing the same thing too. Just within the past week, Bill was accused of sexual harassment. Also see hypocrite
Bill Cosby is like President Bush.
by ManInTheBox January 30, 2005
Just something really annoying that little 13-year-old girls like to say when they talk about all of their cool friends in their profiles. It's so cool to do, why not say MWAH? Oh yeah, it's not cool. Be quiet, idiots.
i luv u kirstin hahahah waffles are chasing me hahahahaha omg mwah
by ManInTheBox January 21, 2005

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