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A famous party-goer known around Rancho Cucamonga California for being able to consume and astonishing amount of alcohol, being able to chain smoke marijuana, and having unprotected sex with various partners.
Lukas: Hey man did you hear about that party this weekend?
Hayden: I sure did, I heard Big Tasty is going so you know something crazy is going to happen!
by TheClevlandSteamer February 24, 2011
The most awkward burger to ask for at a drive-thru that McDonald's will ever offer. Sounds wrong in so many ways to those of us with a sick mind, yet to innocent citizens, is a mere burger
"Ill have a er... Big Tasty please."

"Would you like any sauce?"

by scentless apprentice January 05, 2010
M-80's dopest MC that you ain't never see // Coz when you mess with the best we put you to rest // Go ahead and start shit Straight 7 you aint goin to heaven // Hell, I download you like tylenol shoulda called yo'selves Penis Patrol
Object of Big Tasty's affection, partners of passionate sex, place to put my erection.
by MG January 04, 2004