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Proper Noun - a highly elite organization dedicated to the patrolling of penises, or rather, penii. Members do not apply, they are found. Just like one of those sweet colleges no one knows about.
Guy: Dude, the Penis Patrol came by today.
Montag: What'd they want?
Guy: Nothing, just a checkup.
Montag: So we're alright then.
by Wang Ninja August 20, 2003
(Pronounced "Peen-uh Patrol") Noun: The act of patrolling for phallic objects and simulating hand coitus upon them.
Patroller: I'm on Penis Patrol!
Dude: What's that?
Patroller: You're either on it or you aren't.
by PENIS PATROL March 02, 2006
When girls go out looking for men that they can hook up with / sleep with / start dating ect
Danielle: "Natalie, do you wanna come out on penis patrol tonight?"

Natalie: "Yes, definately. Shall I invite Sophie?"

Danielle: "No Sophie can't come on Penis Patrol as she has a boyfriend"

Natalie: "Ohhh I am so excited about Penis Patrol tonight, gonna pick up some hot guys"
by Danihunt86 August 12, 2011
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