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A racist ass who likes to kill the Germans.
during when they built tunnels they had to teams do it....the germans & the irish men.the germans were ripping on the irish men so they got their buddy BIG RED to beat them up...no deaths.so the germans decided to kill BIG RED and make it look like a accident.so they did.and then evry german person that went by there died.it took 1 irish person to stop it.there was a german & a irish person they were friends.the german dude fell into the water and was swimming to his death.the irish person saved him and the irish person almost died.before he did BIG RED talked to him and saved him by putting the irish person on a log. it took 1 person 2 stop the rath of BIG RED.the deaths were supposivly supposed to be "accidents."
by JurassicGriffin April 16, 2010
A adolescent male with hot red hair who is a terrible driver.
Josh: Don't you love peter?

Scott: Yeah! Big Red!

Josh: That kid is a dumbass though. He drove his lexus clear into his kitchen.
by Joshua Zuo December 23, 2006
The chewing gum Ricky Bobby promotes in "Talladega Nights"
If you don't chew Big Red, then F**k You
by cotton5817 August 20, 2009
Otherwise known as hast, he's the man with the big red hair.
He is quite partial to a drink, if he drinks too much, stand well back! As he may become offensive.
There's bigred with a pint in his hand.
by Rob_h January 23, 2006
1. A fine looking red head a little on the thick side with a round juicy ass, also describing a thick light skinned black girl.

2. A horrible type of chewing gum.

3. A huge native american penis.
1. Nice ass!! big red!.

2. Damn! that big red tastes horrible!!!

3. Hung Native American: Hey little pilgrim bitch let me introduce you to big red.

Pilgrim girl: Ahhhh!!!No!!!It's too big!!!
by ApacheWarrior November 15, 2009
a thirty-five year old red-headed lesbian that weighs in at a whopping 580 pounds. She also acts like she knows everything and has over 28 diseases.
You are a fat fucking big red, you silly twat!!!
by $teel May 27, 2009
menses, period; menstruation
She's got the Big Red; now the Big Red came
by grizzly99 May 09, 2008