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Bibliography means a pain in the fucking ass thing where you have to put the authors name and book of where you got your information from..
I have to do it for NHD wich sucks cartmen from soutparks ass!
by anna September 16, 2004
A list of books you had in the room with you whilst writting an essay.
Damn I need to find some more books to add to my bibliography!
by magenta_witch August 25, 2010
pain in the ass documentation of research
My professor is making me do this damn bibliography.
by Prescott August 02, 2003
the first 5 links on google for your essay topic
i didnt want to just use wikipedia, so i clicked on other links, and added them to my bibliography.
by john williks May 19, 2011
Bibliography means to state where you received help from, such as an author of a book and book title(s), website URL, or magazine information.
I had to type out my bibliography for my first college research paper.
by college_lady September 24, 2009
A pain in the ass majorly. When you have to tell the authors name of the thing you got info from
my teacher is a major hardass , hea making us add bibliography
by Punk Rocker75757 October 16, 2007
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