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The act of getting crazy, losing all inhibitions.
This dude was talking out of the side of his mouth so i went Bibbs on him and he backed off.
by dbibbs June 07, 2011
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The coolest guy in the world. Some think of him as the next Jesus Christ. To be Bibbs would have to be one of the greatest accomplishments that any person could have.
When God created everything he asked Bibbs first.
by celie sucks March 29, 2011
Bibbs is the name for a guy who happens to think he's really cool but he's not at all. In fact, he's a huge douche bag and he typically works at Hy-Vee like a loser.

Don't be his friend, he smells like poo.
Jenny: Oh my god, what's that smell?
Celie: It's that Bibbs over there. I heard he never showers.
by zefzefzefzefzefzefzef March 29, 2011

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