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most biba's are self centred bitches who love nothing more then making peoples lives a living hell.

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The sort of person who ses pick up the phone when she is sitting right next to it.
When the door bell rings never answer it and wait until they stop ringing or someone else comes down and opens the door for her own friend.
(Catch phrases) Biba
1. Go fuck your self
2. I can't be bothered
3. Can you get me a drink (whilst next to the drinks)
4.Can yo go the shops for me because I cant be bothered

(as seen in eg. 2)
by lalala bobobobaba July 21, 2010
A really big douche bag and tries to be different but really its like everyone else. Corrects everyone on everything. Doesn't know that a bass is a guitar. Has a PHD in Behavioural Psychology. Works for free as a therapist for all it's friends. Extremely observant.. and likes to bitch about directors - hates Hollywood movies (only likes french films!!!!!!) Wears toms with high waisted skirts.

Is. Always. Right.

Has really bad anxiety - really clingy.
STFU Biba.
by westross October 18, 2010

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