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A strapping young man with a fantastic face, hair much better than Justin Biebers, brilliant with accents, charming, witty, and quite halarious!
This guy is great! What do you call him?!

Oh him, He's a Bernardo!
by justsomepersononurban! May 29, 2011
84 31
Incredibly adorable, funny, smart, and sexy person... usually seen with large groups of friends or celebrities
Person 1: "Yo, who's this kid everyone freakin' loves?"

Person 2: "Him? Yea, tht's Bernardo.."
by Dr.Awesome-O May 02, 2010
202 45
guy who is too clever and can occasionaly fly. he is asian and pretends not to know you even though he actually does. he likes books .. a lot
me: hey bernardo! wasss up?

bernardo: do i know u?

me: yeh actaully

bernardo: lol i was joking! *flys off*
by Rubehhh October 26, 2008
44 68
a guy that looks hot because has a good body, but actually has an ugly face, but you cant see it because its covered with hair.
girl: OMG, that guy is hot!
boy: naah, thats a bernardo
by FabiiT September 11, 2008
74 157
Canadian rhyming slang for "retarded", as in "retardo-bernardo". Retarded, in the sense of "needlessly lame" as opposed to "mentally deficient".
Dude #1: "The client wants three days' worth of revisions without extra billing."

Dude #2: "Bernardo."
by EVILC November 04, 2005
68 169