A strapping young man with a fantastic face, hair much better than Justin Biebers, brilliant with accents, charming, witty, and quite halarious!
This guy is great! What do you call him?!

Oh him, He's a Bernardo!
by justsomepersononurban! May 29, 2011
Top Definition
Incredibly adorable, funny, smart, and sexy person... usually seen with large groups of friends or celebrities
Person 1: "Yo, who's this kid everyone freakin' loves?"

Person 2: "Him? Yea, tht's Bernardo.."
by Dr.Awesome-O May 02, 2010
guy who is too clever and can occasionaly fly. he is asian and pretends not to know you even though he actually does. he likes books .. a lot
me: hey bernardo! wasss up?

bernardo: do i know u?

me: yeh actaully

bernardo: lol i was joking! *flys off*
by lexan October 26, 2008
a guy that looks hot because has a good body, but actually has an ugly face, but you cant see it because its covered with hair.
girl: OMG, that guy is hot!
boy: naah, thats a bernardo
by FabiiT September 11, 2008
Canadian rhyming slang for "retarded", as in "retardo-bernardo". Retarded, in the sense of "needlessly lame" as opposed to "mentally deficient".
Dude #1: "The client wants three days' worth of revisions without extra billing."

Dude #2: "Bernardo."
by EVILC November 04, 2005
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