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Incredibly adorable, funny, smart, and sexy person... usually seen with large groups of friends or celebrities
Person 1: "Yo, who's this kid everyone freakin' loves?"

Person 2: "Him? Yea, tht's Bernardo.."
by Dr.Awesome-O May 02, 2010
The original motherfucker
Those redneck douches over there are real Oedipi (plural for Oedipus)
by Dr.Awesome-O October 19, 2010
Synonym for "mouth"
"The victim was punched repeatedly in the food pussy", police said.
by Dr.Awesome-O June 18, 2010
An awesome wittle adorable kitty cat on Twitter with over 1,500,000 followers and three times as many followers as Tom Cruise :P
Hey, I'm following Sockington on Twitter. I liked his last tweet about the salmon.
by Dr.Awesome-O June 19, 2010

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